Meet the Lynbrook High School valedictorian


Caiden Lung was this year’s valedictorian from Lynbrook High School’s class of 2024.

Valedictorian is the academic title conferred upon the highest ranked student in each graduating class based upon grade point average.

Lung excelled in both academic and athletic pursuits throughout his educational careers in Lynbrook schools.

This eventually led to him receiving the valedictorian status, which he learned about in February.

“Overall, I was very ecstatic and proud of myself,” Lung said.

Lung, who achieved a high grade point average of 104.75, takes pride in both his academic and athletic accomplishments.

He has been an active and passionate lacrosse player since the age of 4 and has successfully taken up the defensive position of goalie since the eighth grade.

His lacrosse career will continue at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he will follow in the footsteps of his older brother, who also plays as a lacrosse goalie.

“I’m the captain of the lacrosse team,” Lung said when asked what extracurriculars he participated in.

“I was involved with sports and research was another bug extracurricular activity that I participated in.”

For his science research course, Lung performed college-level research. He read about treatment for Covid-19 utilizing artificial intelligence, which he presented at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair.

Lung is the vice president of the National Honor Society, a role that connects him with fellow and younger peers to provide tutoring in math and science.

He noted that he loves to teach them what he has learnt over the years.

He also helped organize the society’s cheesecake fundraiser, which proved to be a popular event.

“Throughout all of school, I was very focused on my academics and I never lost that focus throughout the year so I think that’s one of the main things that helped me achieve this status,” Lung said.

Lung explained that he took several AP courses in high school. He emphasized that he is very “well-rounded” because he didn’t only excel in STEM classes, but also in his AP English class.

Although his specific area of study at MIT has yet to be determined, Lung said he is leaning toward computer science or artificial intelligence.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, to collaborate and work with them on projects that can benefit the world,” Lung said.