Attorney General James wins thousands for customers of pet store that sold sick puppies


The pet store Shake A Paw will pay $300,000 to approximately 190 customers who they illegally and knowingly sold sick puppies to at locations on Long Island, the State Attorney General's Office said on March 8.

The locations include Lynbrook and Hicksville. As part of the settlement, Shake A Paw will also be required to change their business practices after an investigation by the attorney general found Shake A Paw kept dogs in inhumane conditions and sold critically sick puppies that died within days or weeks after purchase. Shake A Paw will pay $300,000 in restitution to all impacted customers, many of whom spent thousands of dollars on medical bills after the puppies they bought fell sick. The company is also required to stop all misleading advertising about selling the “healthiest” and “best of the best puppies” from the “most trusted breeders,” and can only purchase animals from reputable breeders or brokers that follow state and local laws.

Shake A Paw will be banned from selling dogs entirely starting in December 2024 as the result of a new state law taking effect that prevents pet stores from selling dogs.  

“New Yorkers who purchase a dog are seeking loyal and loving additions to their families. Unknowingly buying a sick puppy can be downright heartbreaking,” James said.  “Not only did Shake A Paw’s owners treat the dogs in their care despicably, they defrauded their customers by lying about their health, leaving many families stuck with expensive veterinary bills. Shake A Paw’s days of buying and selling sick puppies are over, and their former customers will get restitution for the losses they suffered. I will continue to fight to protect consumers and hold accountable all those who violate laws meant to protect innocent animals.”