Black Lives Matter protest, Merrick, day three

Scott Brinton/Herald

For a third straight night, Black Lives Matter demonstrators convened in Merrick and Bellmore to protest the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the systemic racism that is pervasive in society.

And, for the third straight day, the crowd grew — this time by thousands. 

When protesters marched west on Sunrise Highway from Bellmore into the Merrick, toward the end of the protest around 7:30 p.m., a sea of people stretched from one end of the Merrick Long Island Rail Road station to the other, and beyond.

It became one of Long Island's largest BLM protests to date.

For the third straight night, Heralds Executive Editor Scott Brinton was out with the protesters from start to finish, capturing the night in photos, video and text. Herein are some of his images and a video of the moment protesters arrive at the Merrick train station.

In all Thursday, the protesters traversed six miles. The demonstration began at the Merrick station, headed south through local streets, then east on Sunrise Highway, north through more side streets to the Sunrise, and back to Merrick.

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