Girl Scouts were running the show

They stepped into local leadership roles for Government Day


The Girl Scouts were running the show on Saturday. The troops gathered in Village Hall for the annual Government Day, and the girls were government officials for the day. Each girl was assigned a representative, researched their job responsibilities, and presented a speech at the end of the event. Lucy Sheridan, for example, was Mayor Tim Sullivan for the day; Ava Crowley served as Police Chief John Aresta; Juliana Miletic stepped into the shoes of Village Clerk Jill Valli.

“They need to see that it’s possible,” Trustee Lori Lang said. “In Malverne specifically it’s important because we’ve been incorporated for 102 years, and I’m the seventh woman to serve.”

Lang’s mother, Catherine Hunt, was the first female mayor of Malverne in 1987. Lang said she knew becoming a trustee was possible because she saw her mother do it. That’s why days like Girl Scout Government Day are important, Lang said — they show young girls that they can be leaders.

“It’s so important to teach them about having pride in your country,” State Sen. Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick said. “We really need to teach our young children civics — learning how government works, learning about giving back to the community, learning about serving others.

“The Girl Scout Promise, the Girl Scout Law,” she added, “To treat people with kindness, respect others and leave the world better than you found it.”

The parents and troop leaders find a lot of joy in watching the young girls step into leadership roles. Hayley Kelch, Amelia’s mother, said it was amazing to watch her daughter do so well public speaking.

“They’re excited and they’re ready,” said Camelia Anders, co-leader of Troop 2420. “They’re ready to lead. It’s awesome watching them at such a young age, ready to take that on.”

“I was so impressed with the girls that sat in for the board,” Troop 2420 co-leader Kimberly Penater said. “The fact that they took the initiative to interview them and find out about them — they did amazing.”