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Growing dreams, nurturing community: Get to know Long Island’s favorite landscape designer


Inspired by his family’s legacy and a single truck, David Turcios embarked on his own entrepreneurial venture in The Five Towns, opening Vs Roses Landscape & Design in 2012. The family influence is very much alive in his business, as David named it after his daughter and created it after watching his father as a landscaper growing up.

"Seeking only eco-friendly material for my own backyard upon welcoming my daughter, I decided to name my landscaping company after her,” David said. “Our main goals for sustainable landscape designs are to minimize both the input of resources and the output of waste in our yards and garden.”

As the years passed, word of David’s exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering dedication began to spread, and his client base grew steadily. One truck became a fleet, and his name quickly became synonymous with excellence in the landscaping world, earning him the the award for best landscape designer two years in a row in the Long Island Choice Awards.

David’s community involvement also plays a large role in the businesses’ growth. Throughout the years, David has sponsored local sports teams in the community and also often donates to all of the local schools. He has done several sponsorships with Hewlett and Ogden elementary schools, provided food for countless events and even purchased Mums for The Hewlett Elementary School Fundraiser. 

He also maintains the planting and mulch for the local Veterans Plaza that welcomes people into Hewlett and Woodmere.

David quickly learned the technical aspects of landscaping, having grown up watching his father meticulously tend to plants, sculpt hedges into intricate designs and orchestrate harmonious arrangements. He then began sketching his own intricate garden designs, letting his imagination run wild. As David honed his skills, he learned more and more how to shape nature to make those designs a reality — all with the guidance of his father.

As his business grew, David’s portfolio has grown to include commercial properties, public parks and even grand estates. But, he made sure regardless of the project, not to lose sight of his relationships with clients from start to finish.

When undertaking a new landscaping project, David follows a meticulous process that includes detailed discussions with clients to understand their vision. From there, David crafts a custom design to bring the client’s vision to life while maximizing the potential of the space. His designs include a mixture of handscaping, plant selection, irrigation systems and lighting.

David oversees each step of the project’s process, ensuring that every detail aligns with the approved design plan and meets his stringent standards of quality. He’s also sure to maintain open lines of communication with the clients, providing regular updates and addressing any questions or concerns that may arise, prioritizing the client’s input every step of the way.Once completed, David will then take the time to educate the client on the proper maintenance and care of the landscape design to ensure its long term health and beauty. He is also always sure to incorporate environmental sustainability in his designs to ensure a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Services offered by Vs Roses Landscape & Design includes not only custom designed landscape, but also lawn maintenance and tree removal, which can both be conveniently scheduled online at fivetownslandscapes.com.

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Want to connect with David to discuss a project for your yard? Give him a call at 917-691-7811 or email vsrosesdesign@gmail.com to chat today.