Merrick Moms get a taste of ‘The Chew’

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The program “celebrates and explores life through food,” with a group of what ABC representatives called dynamic, engaging, fun and relatable co-hosts: Daphne Oz, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon. The co-hosts won a 2015 Emmy Award, “Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host,” for their work on the program, which covers food trends, restaurants, holidays, crafting and more.

Shari Glassman said she never misses an episode of “The Chew.” In an interview with the show’s producers, the Merrick mom explained that whether she is busy running her own business or an errand, she watches the program later in the evening so she won’t miss a recipe or a funny anecdote to share with friends.

“I am over-the-top obsessed with ‘The Chew’… I really don’t think anyone loves the show more than the Merrick Moms,” she said. “We take practical advice from the show and apply it to our everyday lives. It’s really helpful to us.”

Glassman was one of several Merrick Moms who were interviewed at Turk-Goldberg’s home, where the women gathered for a complimentary breakfast before boarding the bus to the television studio in Manhattan. Laura Rogers and Alana Rice also spoke about the group’s love of the show, saying they were thrilled to have the chance to be in the studio for the taping.

“We’ll figure out what to make for dinner from the show," Rice said. "We’ll have our coffee time and have ‘The Chew’ on."

When the group arrived at the studio, members sampled dishes prepared by the chef co-hosts, took pictures with them and even danced with Hall, who is known for moving and grooving on the show. In the feature that aired last week, they said they had a wonderful experience at the taping.

Maney said the Merrick Moms piece, which can be watched on “The Chew” Facebook page, gives folks who do not live in New York City area a chance to see what it’s like to be a part of the audience and the show’s live experience. Tickets for tapings are free, and viewers can obtain them by checking out “The Chew” website

Adar Novak, who wrote the piece about Schneider for, said she thought the outing was perfect for local women. “It’s food and fun and a great mix of things that people around here are into,” she said before boarding the bus. “I’m getting to know women who I’ve seen post on the Facebook group –– who I only knew by their Facebook photo. It brought us together for the common purpose of going out and having fun.”

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