Embracing responsibility: a commitment to service


As I sit down to write this, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility. It is with great honor and humility that I step into this new role as a county legislator serving extraordinary communities.

At age 13 I fell in love with the North Shore — the quaint neighborhoods, the golden shores, the picturesque sunsets. Little did I know that this place would not only capture my heart, but would also become the backdrop for my life’s work and aspirations.

An attorney by profession, I have dedicated my career to public service. Fresh out of law school, I got my first taste of public service working as counsel to Carl L. Marcellino, a former state senator in the same district I now have the privilege of serving. My time working for the State Senate fueled my desire to one day run for office.

What did the Senate’s district office do? We helped people every day. We were the people on the ground fielding concerns and complaints from residents, and getting them the help and solutions they deserved. We were there to be their voice and to advocate on their behalf. I knew that was what I wanted to do one day, and I was going to work hard to get there.

After the Senate, I had the honor of serving in both the Oyster Bay and Nassau County attorney’s offices. I honed my legal skills, and learned the ins and outs of local government. The time I served in these offices was invaluable, and helped me become a better advocate.

On a personal note, I’m a mother of two young children and married to a wonderful man. My children are by far my greatest gift, and they have been at the core of my desire to serve. Children are our future. It is my utmost priority to serve this district, and leave it a safer and more beautiful place to live than when I started, for all of our children and grandchildren.

My aspiration to be the best public servant I can be stems from a genuine desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Effective leadership is grounded in listening, empathy and collaboration with colleagues in government, irrespective of political affiliation. That’s what I am and will continue to do.

I am committed to being accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of every constituent. As a local official, I’m in the community all the time. Reach out. Say hello. I want all my constituents to feel that they have the opportunity and ability to speak to their representative when they need to. My office is ready and willing to assist. If my office can’t help, we will make sure we reach out to those who can.

As I embark on my first year, safety is paramount. That means supporting our local police, and ensuring that they have the tools they need to serve and protect Nassau County. The job of a police officer gets more dangerous by the day. They are tasked with keeping communities safe, and they put their lives on the line every day to do so. These officers do this bravely, and they are deserving of all the respect and gratitude that, unfortunately, they don’t always receive.

Safety also includes reliable and safe infrastructure. Working with the county executive, it is my priority to make sure roads are properly paved, drainage systems effectively reduce flooding, and pavement markings are clear for the safe navigation of motorists and pedestrians.

Additionally, we must work to make sure our fire and water districts and our natural resources are all given the proper attention to ensure residents’ safety.

Together we have the power to improve our communities and preserve their natural beauty, enhance infrastructure, promote safety as well as economic prosperity, and foster a strong sense of community. I am grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in me by electing me to this office. As your legislator, I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to representing your interests and values with integrity and passion. Thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Samantha A. Goetz represents Nassau County’s 18th Legislative District.