Oceanside's Halo club gaining traction in LGBTQ community


The Halo Nightclub in Oceanside is quickly becoming a scene for LGBTQ+ inclusivity. Co-owned by 31-year-old Long Beach resident Kyle Savage, the club has quickly become a hub for the LGBTQ community.

With its official opening on Jan. 1st, Halo Nightclub marked a pivotal moment in Long Island’s social landscape. However, its journey began long before, with three months of private events and meticulous planning to ensure every detail aligned with Savage’s grand vision.

“I’ve always had a passion for nightlife,” Savage said. “When the opportunity arose, it seemed like all the stars aligned and I felt like it was time to take a chance and do something special for the LGBTQ community.”

A theater enthusiast at heart, Savage previously owned a nonprofit theater company, Shining Studios, in Port Washington. Upon relocating to Long Beach three years ago, Savage seized the opportunity to purchase the Halo Nightclub space from the previous owners, collaborating with co-owner Rob Lassegue.

The transition from theater to nightclub ownership may seem disparate. For Savage, it was a natural progression fueled by a desire to create spaces that transcend entertainment and foster community.

Formerly a bar, the space transformed into a multifaceted venue combining elements of a lounge, bar, and nightclub. Halo Nightclub offers a diverse array of events and programming, including themed dance parties, drag shows, trivia nights, and movie screenings.

“We’ve been doing a lot of social media campaigns,” he said. “The Google reviews are great. Everyone who comes leaves happy. The energy is contagious. The bartenders are great. My vision in opening this was to create a vibe that didn’t exist on Long Island.”

Savage’s eye for detail is evident in every facet of the club, from the LED lighting system to the purple velvet chairs at the entranceway. Beyond providing entertainment, the nightclub serves as a support for the LGBTQ+ community. Savage’s dedication extends beyond the club’s walls, with collaborations with local nonprofits. Savage plans for the future include expanding outreach efforts and hosting large-scale events

“We’re currently working with Pride for Youth and the Long Island Lions Club to help support them and their missions,” Savage said. “We’re collaborating with them on some events. We have our big pride party, which is going to be essentially a music festival. It’s going to be outside in the parking lot and we’ve secured a stage from the town of Hempstead.”

Despite the challenges and demands of running a nightclub, Savage remains undeterred and envisions Halo Nightclub as more than just a venue and plans to include expanding outreach efforts, hosting large-scale events, and continuing to innovate within the nightlife industry.

“When I’m not at the bar, I’m in my home office, coming up with events, doing social media outreach and networking,” Savage said. It’s taking up my whole life in the best way possible. You’re constantly wondering what else does it need? How can we expand? It’s been an amazing experience and just an amazing new journey.”