Franklin Square students win districtwide math tournament


Franklin Square school district fifth and sixth graders from Polk Street School, John Street School and Washington Street School participated in the second annual districtwide math tournament on June 3.

The tournament, which consisted of 20 teams and over 90 students, included both independent and team events, all of which contributed to the teams’ final scores. The students who participated were in Math Olympiads throughout the school year.

The top scoring fifth grade team included Tyler Blattberg from Polk Street School, Sophia Lin from Washington Street School, Tyler Parillo from Polk Street School, Avery Verosa from Polk Street School and Eryn Villavicencio from Washington Street School.

The top scoring sixth grade team included Washington Street School students Declan Brosnan, Brandin McLoone, Kevin Mulholland, Omar Obaidullah and Joseph Seidel.

The district’s math specialists guided students through solutions and strategies. They are Medaly Alarco from John Street School, Karen Landsman from Polk Street School, and Debbie Dilthey and Kristin Rudolph from Washington Street School. The tournament coordinator was districtwide Math Olympiads instructor Maggie Tittler.