Hewlett Happenings

Covid impact cuts into the ‘normal’


Covid cases in Hewlett High School increased after students returned from the holiday break as did cases nationally and globally with the spread of the Omicron variant.

hough the number of cases had risen, Hewlett High as part of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District, has managed the increase and maintained the safety of everyone in the building.

Through the statewide distribution, district schools gained access to at-home testing kits that were distributed to families. Parents interested in receiving test kits completed a Google form requesting a kit that was available for pick up the following week.

Although the use of the kits was not mandated, they were offered to all students and allowed HHS to keep track of cases in the school for those who opted in.

The district has also offered free PCR testing every Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon for all students, parents, teachers and staff. The free testing services were administered by Healthcare Logics through Northwell Labs and have been a great resource for the entire community.

As opposed to nasal swab tests, oral swab tests were administered, and results were released by phone or text as soon as they were available. The short wait times for testing were greatly appreciated by community members who were able to avoid long lines at other local testing centers.

The faculty has been diligent about ensuring that all students are wearing masks. Students are provided with masks upon entrance to the high school and are often reminded to cover their nose and mouth on the announcements each morning.

To accommodate those who have been quarantined, Hewlett High School has also reinstated virtual learning for students. Those who require quarantine under the CDC guidelines join classes virtually through Google Meet, while teachers and the majority of students remain in- person.

As learning virtually can be a bit isolating, teachers have put forth their best efforts including online students in the classroom environment until their return.

Efforts have been made to replicate a “normal” school year while accommodating the requirements for Covid safety. With the implementation of testing resources and virtual learning, students and faculty can learn in comfort at Hewlett High.

Both Hewlett-Woodmere and Lawrence school districts will continue to require mask requiring.