Calmer U celebrates five years in East Rockaway


Anthony Cecere’s business Calmer U has transformed decades of chronic pain for his neighbors into a thing of the past. This past Saturday, neighbors celebrated Calmer U’s five-year anniversary in East Rockaway.

Located on Main Street, the business has become a beacon of hope for those suffering with pain and day-to-day stress. Cecere opened Calmer U in 2019 with one goal in mind: to help as many people as he can.

“It’s about overall wellness here,” Cecere said. “It’s not just about the money, but it’s about doing the right thing and taking care of people.”

Cecere said that the treatment he offers is not a sprint, but rather a marathon, as it may take several sessions for a patient to get better. Due to this, he said he gives out deals or treatments at a lower price.

“Sometimes you’re investing in tomorrow and the patients can’t understand why I sometimes won’t charge them for things or why I will give them great deals,” Cecere said. “And it’s not about today, it’s about letting them understand that this is about what’s best for them so all of our therapies are very reasonably priced.”

Cecere said he has been involved in healthcare since the 90s when he received an acupuncture license. He noted that he was always interested in complementary and alternative medicine. He believed that there needed to be more “overall wellness centers” instead of “isolated therapies,” which is why he opened Calmer U.

The first issue that he wanted Calmer U to tackle was stress, as Cecere noted that stress is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

“We worked with all kind of anti-stress therapies, whether it be massage, acupuncture, red light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy,” Cecere said. “Just thinks to try to decrease people’s stress levels.”

After focusing on mitigating stress levels in his patients, Cecere then started to treat body pain. The first therapy they used was acoustic sound wave therapy. This was originally primarily used to break up kidney stones, but it is now also used to break up a scar tissue and encourage tissue repair and regrowth.

With several success stories, Cecere is trying to find even more ways to help people. He noted that he started looking into lymphatic drainage and bought machines that will help “stimulate the body to work.” This keeps in line with his ultimate goal of providing natural wellness services.