Mayor Beach delivered village address at Lunch and Learn meeting


Lynbrook Mayor Alan Beach spoke on the ongoing projects in the village at the yearly luncheon earlier this month.

The event, which took place on Feb. 7, was hosted by the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce. Beach spoke on the status of the village and new things that will be appearing in the community in the coming months. He started the meeting by stating how everyone who lives in Lynbrook is lucky to live in the village as it is the “best place to live.”

“Everybody I know who left this village, has been sad to do that,” Beach continued. “There’s such a magnet here, bringing us all together.”

Beach talked about how the planned walkway on Atlantic Avenue will start construction soon. This will be a new path, which will go through Broadway and a new apartment building that is being built there.

“The village is really coming along,” Beach said. “We have a lot of great things happening in the village.”

Beach noted that when he became mayor in 2017, he met with the village board and the chamber of commerce to talk about how to make the village a better place to live. He made it his goal to make Atlantic Avenue and surrounding areas a place where people want to visit. Now, nearly seven years later, Beach said that he is doing just that.

“It takes so much time to make that happen,” Beach said. “But we’re getting there.”

Although there are plenty of changes occurring in the village, Beach noted that Lynbrook is still a very intimate community. He said that it’s nice to walk down the street and know your neighbor and to be able to help others.

Beach mentioned that a new restaurant, Burger and Wings, will be opening up soon.

“Things are happening,” Beach said. “It’s just very slow.”

Beach said that over 8 years, there has been an average of a 2.3% increase in taxes and during Covid, he was fortunate that he never had to shut the village down. The work was divided up among community members with some people working in person and some people working from home. Due to this, Lynbrook was in “better shape” than a lot of other nearby communities.

“Unfortunately, some businesses went out of business, but for the most part, we did good,” Beach said about the village surviving the pandemic. “And we have new businesses coming back.”

Beach ended his speech by noting how the village’s average age is around 42 years old and the village today is as vibrant as ever.