Students learn hometown history with hands-on learning at Franklin Square Historical Museum


Students from the Franklin Square school district have had the chance to travel back in time with their education at the Franklin Square Historical Society’s Museum on Naple Avenue.

The museum, which is open the first Sunday of every month, has been educating fourth graders about the past in Franklin Square for the past three years.

The students learn more about the history of technology such as type writers and dial phones, toys from generations passed, what school was like in the 20th Century, how people lived in their homes and how to deposit and withdrawal money at a bank.

Volunteers like Joanna Skop, Keven Spitaliere, Adrienne McKenna, Elanor Molina, MaryAnne Grey and Julie Soffientini teach the students with historical artifacts collected by the historical society.

The program started to welcome first graders from Franklin Square schools last year to learn about technology and toys of the past.

The program runs from January through the summer months at the museum in partnership with the Franklin Square school district. To learn more about the historical society and its museum,