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A sweet New Year, a joyous Yom Kippur

According to the Sages, Yom Kippur was one of two great days of joy in ancient Israel. The Talmud (B. Ta’anit 26b) states: Rabban Simon the son of Gamaliel said: “Never were there for the …

A word to the wise

Shanah Tovah!  Have a good year! But the word shanah means more than year in Hebrew. It means both to change and repeat. Without a doubt, this Rosh Hashana, this New Year and the six months …

Why is this Rosh Hashana different from all others?

Rabbis typically have to dig deep this time of year to come up with an inspirational message for the high holidays. We comb through the relevant texts, search for incredible stories and formulate a …

A different Rosh Hashana

When I was asked to write a piece about what the High Holidays mean to me, I immediately thought about what I do during this time. It’s around the first month of school, I spend a lot of time with my family, and one thing that juts out the most to me, is that I learn all about it in school.

Second phase of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital’s emergency department completed

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital officials plan not to perpetuate the medical nightmare of having gurneys full of patients lining the hallways of its emergency department as the second phase of the overall is completed which has expanded the area from roughly 10,000 square feet to 21,000 square feet.

Hempstead town to increase security patrols of Jewish institutions

In wake of recent anti-Semitic incidents that have taken place across the United States in the past two years, the Town of Hempstead announced a town-wide safety initiative as the Jewish High Holidays approach.

Welcome back to the Brandeis School in Lawrence

The Brandeis School's welcome back celebration might not have had the all together crowd it usually attracts, but there was no shortage of magic as Woodmere native Eric Wilzig, a magician, wowed the audience who arrived and departed in shifts to comply with social distancing guidelines during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

New York state legislators seek change in school election date

The Jewish holiday of Shavout, which celebrates when the Jews were given the Torah on Mount Sinai, begins on Sunday, May and ends Tuesday, May 18 next year. That Tuesday is also the scheduled day of …

Five Towners lost in 9/11 are remembered  

Updated Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Village of Cedarhurst held its annual 9/11 remembrance ceremony at Andrew J. Parise Cedarhurst Park exactly 19 years after the attacks. 

Roslyn Savings Bank in Lawrence robbed

A man who allegedly passed a note to a teller at the Roslyn Savings Bank on Central Avenue in Lawrence made off with an unspecified amount of money at 11:09 a.m. on Sept. 15, police said.

Hewlett liquor store robbed

Three men allegedly stole merchandise from KSN Discount Wine and Liquor on Franklin Avenue in Hewlett at 5:51 p.m. on Sept. 15, according to police.


Fill out the census — the deadline is Sept. 30

Elected leaders from across Nassau County are urging — even pleading with — residents to fill out the U.S. census if they have not already done so, and time is running out.

Scott Brinton

A maddening tale of two presidencies

Donald Trump revealed his true self to The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward over the course of 18 interviews beginning last December, appearing coherent and well-informed . . .

Jerry Kremer

McConnell fiddles while counties like Nassau burn

There has been much publicity about the failure of the U.S. Senate to agree on a new aid package for the states. The costs of dealing with the impact of the coronavirus have hit every government hard, but especially the northeastern states.

Randi Kreiss

You’d better believe it: We are in this together

Five years ago, I returned from a visit to my kids and grandkids, who live in a mountain town in northern California, and in this space I wrote, “I have come back from the future, and if you plan on going, better wear your fire-retardant underwear.”