Hewlett Happenings

Acting like Congress, interacting with peers


Hewlett High School was bustling with students from schools across Long Island on March 5 for Hewlett Model Congress XXXIV.

Model Congress, as the name suggests, aims to replicate the proceedings of the United States Congress. Students practice public speaking skills with the proposal of bills in various committees. These committees range from Pop Culture to Space, Science, and Technology, ensuring that a wide range of interests are covered.

HMC XXXIV marks the 34th year Hewlett High has hosted a domestic model Congress. It is a day filled with public speaking and fun events, often described as a combination of debate and color wars.

The HMC Board is composed of six student chairs who organized the Congress, along with the guidance of their advisers Joseph Zarodkiewicz and Deirdre Chambers. Their hard work made HMC XXXIV possible, and they were satisfied by what they achieved.

“Although planning a Congress is a lot of work, it is so rewarding,” said Olivia Ginzburg, the Lower Delegate Chair of HMC XXXIV. “Seeing the looks on everyone’s faces as we went through the day was what made this whole process worth it.” Anneliese Baum, one of HMC XXXIV’s Agenda chairs, agreed. “I think this congress turned out really well! Everyone had so much fun and I heard some really amazing debaters.”

One of the most valuable aspects of Model Congress is the opportunity to interact with students from other school districts. Students from various schools including Oceanside, New Rochelle, Lawrence, East Meadow, among others, were invited to Hewlett for the event.

“My favorite part of Model Congress is definitely meeting new people,” said Elizabeth Balzac, Financial Chair of HMC XXXIV. “The ‘United Model Congress’ community is very welcoming and it’s easy to get accustomed to.”

The beneficial impact Model Congress creates is exemplified in the comments of the students involved. “Getting to be in Model Congress is an experience every single person will appreciate and remember for the rest of their lives,” claimed Sarah Mizrachi, Assistant General Chair of HMXXXIV. “No matter your role in the club, you’ll never fail to find the opportunities to enjoy yourself more than ever or even create something for others to enjoy, whether it is a fun and intriguing debate session, a group meal where 250 kids eat in one room and get to vibe to music, or even a talent show!”

“I’m really happy with how the congress went and I hope that this signifies congress starting a new leaf with new people who will create their own fun traditions,” Reagan Rawner, the General Chair of HMC XXXIV added.

The legacy of Model Congress will continue to grow at Hewlett High School, with many future domestic Congresses to come.