Gourmet Glatt expanding into Woodmere?

Closeout sale signs are up in Key Food


The Key Food supermarket in Woodmere, which has served the community for more than 50 years, according to Manager Jose Diaz, is closing, and the site — in a small shopping center between Franklin and Irving places — is expected to become home to a Gourmet Glatt Emporium, an all-kosher food store.
“It’s a very, very strong possibility,” Diaz said when asked about Gourmet Glatt, adding that a closing date for Key Food, which carries a full line of kosher products, has yet to be set. He said that the Woodmere store employs nearly 40 people, and that the entire staff will go with him to either a Key Food in Queens Village or other stores he manages.
Gourmet Glatt has stores in Cedarhurst and Brooklyn. Yeoli Steinberg, general manager of the Cedarhurst store, would not comment on whether a Gourmet Glatt would be opening in Woodmere.
James Dowling has lived in Woodmere for 20 years and shops at Key Food. “I’m sorry to see it go; it’s our store,” he said. “I’ll have to shop in either Foodtown or King Kullen. I’ll have to learn where everything is, again.” Both of those supermarkets are in Hewlett.
North Valley Stream resident Judy Sanford Guise occasionally shops at Key Food after working out at the fitness center across the street. “I’m shocked,” she said. “I’m not from the neighborhood, but I saw the half-empty shelves and asked a sales clerk, and he said they were closing at the end of the month.”
Anna and Asher Matathias were in Key Food last week to pick up the store’s Passover contributions to B’nai B’rith’s Project HOPE, and saw what Asher described as “rapidly emptying shelves.” Asked about the possibility of a new Gourmet Glatt, Matathias said, “Of course, my wife, and those closer to the Woodmere [Long Island Rail Road] station than the Cedarhurst stop, are delighted with such a prospect. Needless to state that such an advent reflects the expansion of the Jewish community — Hewlett is already feeling the phenomenon by the way of the growing congregation of the local Chabad.”

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