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Letter to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (Feb. 18-24)


How long will Kreiss rant about Trump?

To the Editor:

Re Randi Kreiss’s column “Post-inauguration: So how are we doing?” (Jan. 28-Feb. 3):

Kreiss wonders “what the news outlets will rant about now” after President Trump. Nevertheless, she continues to kvetch about Trump, proving that old habits die hard. Although evolving news events ensnare and threaten the objects of her affection on the left, she chooses not to focus on these realities, but rather to lick her chops over what she blindly sees as a change for the better.

In a column last July devoted to the dangers that the coronavirus posed to the elderly in nursing homes, Kreiss carefully chose not to mention Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order that Covid-19 patients be returned to nursing homes, although it had been well established by then that the elderly were most vulnerable to the disease. Thousands may have died as a result of Cuomo’s order, yet she made not a single reference to it in an article that begged for such reference.

That story never faded away, having now re-emerged with new vigor. State Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the deaths due to Cuomo’s inane decision were under-reported by some 50 percent. The elderly who acquired the infection in nursing homes, and who had been transported to hospitals for treatment and died there, were not included in nursing home death statistics. Creative accounting?

Cuomo made absurd excuses for the nursing home deaths, including blaming Trump, and now he is pointing his finger in every direction to blame others for the deceptive under-reporting. These events are current, but Kreiss, again, ignores them.

President Biden has made serious missteps already, even hinting that he will renege on promises he made to reach the White House. Yet Kreiss is already apologizing for him, “and the usual kinds of mistakes” she anticipates. If four years of Trump was hell for her, eliciting her relentless assault, will Biden, another beloved, elicit four upcoming years of sickening Kreiss apologia?

Robert Rubalsky, East Rockaway