Letter to the Editor

Sanitation district steps up


To the Editor:

On behalf of the officers and Board of Directors of the Mill Brook Civic Association, I want to commend Sanitary District No. 1 and its leaders, Irv Kaminitsky and George Pappas, on a job well done after Sandy.

Their trucks, even from Hewlett and Woodmere, were in our community constantly after the storm to pick up the flood-damaged belongings of our homeowners and even the regular garbage.

It is times like this when the entire Sanitary District No. 1 workers go above and beyond the call of duty. I do appreciate all the phone calls from them after the storm, to make sure we knew they would be there. We still have many streets with special pickups, and I know they will be back until it is all gone.

Once again, I thank them for a job well done.

Marc J. Tenzer
Mill Brook Civic Association