Clara H. Carlson School students celebrate Cultural Diversity Day


Clara H. Carlson School hosted its first annual Cultural Diversity Day on May 21 to celebrate diversity and all of the cultures of the school’s community.

The event’s theme was “Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity – Many Flowers, One Garden!” as presented by the school’s Diversity, Equity and inclusion Committee. The initiative was led by DEI Committee Chairs Denisse Rivas and Nadine Murrell, and ENL teacher Rita Johnson.

The celebrations and activities took place throughout the month of May, with the culminating event held on May 21. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade were asked to create a poster, with the help of their family members, that displays their culture. These projects were displayed throughout the hallways of the school.

During Cultural Diversity Day, students were invited to dress in their native garments or the colors of their flags. Parents and family members were invited to witness performances and presentations, as well as partake in games and activities, that celebrated the students’ cultures.