Elections 2024: Here are the results of the Freeport school board election and budget votes

All Budget Passed The Freeport School District of $244,184,593 was passed with no tax levy increase. The capital reserve fund to expend $2.5 million from the capital reserve fund established …

Inside Freeport Public Schools’ new 2024-25 budget proposal

Freeport school district proposes $244.2M budget for 2024-25, with tax levy reduction and new programs enhancing student experience.

The Great Guitar Show rocks the Rec!

Long Island’s music scene comes alive: Great Guitar & Instrument Show reconnects musicians and businesses, celebrating local talent.

Academy shows kids creativity at STEAM

Academy Charter School students unveil groundbreaking tech at their annual fair, exploring AI, VR, and innovative medical advancements.

Freeport youth attend Merrick Kids Fest

Kids Fest, hosted by Merrick Chamber of Commerce, delights Freeport children with three days of fun-filled rides, games, and local shopping!


Wishing for some of that World War II-era wisdom

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a forum on President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, hosted by Cornell University’s Institute of Politics and Global Affairs, which is directed by former U.S. Rep. Steve Israel.


A broader path to a future of cleaner energy

Poll after poll shows that most Americans believe the United States is more divided than usual. With many contentious issues appearing to lack compromises, constructive policies can emerge, but zealots on either side must have no greater influence in the debate, and solutions must be based not on either side’s so-called “facts,” but rather on the truth.


After 125 years, Nassau County still thrives

Celebrating 125 years, Nassau County, formed in 1898 from parts of Queens, has become New York’s fifth-largest county, known for its spacious homes, quiet neighborhoods, excellent schools, rich history, and vibrant community spirit.


Our public schools deserve better

After months of contentious budget negotiations, the State Legislature and Gov. Kathy Hochul recently agreed to a historic $237 billion state spending plan.