Jimenez promises to elevate education standards


Maureen Jimenez, a longstanding member of the Glen Cove community, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to education while serving as a trustee on the City of Glen Cove Board of Education. With a background in speech-language pathology and a passion for supporting students of all abilities, Jimenez’s journey to the board is marked by her unwavering dedication to education.
Originally from Albertson, Jimenez connection to Glen Cove dates back to her childhood. Growing up on the North Shore, she developed a fondness for the city’s charm and warmth. This affection only deepened when she and her family made Glen Cove their home in 2006.
“Everywhere I go, people are so friendly,” Jimenez reflected, noting that it was the welcoming atmosphere that drew her in.
Jimenez’s professional journey began with a Bachelor of Science in speech-language pathology and audiology from Molloy College, followed by a Master of Art in speech-language pathology from the College of New Jersey.
Over the past two decades, she has honed her expertise in pediatrics, earning licensure from the state of New York and certification from the American Speech Hearing Association, and has experience working with students of all ability levels in the special education setting. She is a seasoned member of the Committee on Special Education and Committee on Preschool Special Education meetings. She says she enjoys working with people on a one-on-one basis to help them hone their skills

“I think that that type of mindset is what makes me a valuable member of a community or a team,” Jiminez said. “I just really like seeing people thrive while developing their individual strengths.”
Jimenez is deeply engaged in her children’s education and the broader school community. With four children enrolled in the Glen Cove School District across different grade levels, she is intimately familiar with the district’s strengths and challenges. She immediately began attending Parent Teacher Association meetings when her children entered the district, and frequently volunteered in the classrooms helping with book fairs and events that promoted literacy.
Her involvement in the PTA and serving on the Bond Committee in 2019 helped to cultivate an even deeper understanding of the district’s needs. She remembers touring school facilities and seeing where structural improvements were needed. Jimenez worked diligently with the committee to prioritize the districts needs with fiscal responsibility but felt a devastating blow when the initial bond failed that year. As a trustee, she knew her priorities should center on enhancing educational opportunities and facilities for all students.
She does see there are other changes in the academic landscape, and that the district must adapt to technologies like artificial intelligence.
“A.I. is an incredible resource for people, and I think that there just needs to be continuous education and conversation going on about how to use it to its advantage,” Jimenez said. “But also, to use it ethically. If we’re making a genuine effort to have those conversations, we’re in a good place.”
Her journey to the Board of Education was driven by a desire to address unmet needs and ensure that every voice in the community is heard.
“I was seeing things when I was attending board of ed meetings that I knew weren’t necessarily getting addressed, and I wanted to learn more about that process,” Jiminez said. “I think those questions led me to feeling like I could be the person who hears a person’s concern or could make someone’s voice be heard. I wanted to help solve that problem if there was a problem, I wanted to become involved in that process.”
Drawing on her extensive background in special education, she advocates for tailored support and inclusive practices that empower students of diverse abilities to thrive. Jimenez also sees the deeper needs within the district, which uniquely positions her to champion initiatives that meet the evolving needs of students across different age groups.
With her blend of professional expertise, personal investment, and tireless advocacy, she continues to make a meaningful impact on the Glen Cove School District and the lives of its students.