Lavine, a dedicated voice for education


In the bustling community of Glen Cove, a familiar face is emerging once again on the horizon of the city’s School Board of Education election. Meghan Lavine, a seasoned public servant with a rich background in law and a deep commitment to community involvement, is vying for re-election as a Board of Education trustee.
With her husband Greg, a Glen Cove High School alumni, and their two children enrolled in the local school district, Lavine’s ties to the community run deep. Originally from Garden City, Lavine made the move to Glen Cove in 2017, drawn by its beauty, vibrancy, and welcoming atmosphere. Lavine said she was impressed by the city’s unique blend of close-knit schools and municipal structures.
Her journey into public service began long before her candidacy for the Board of Education. After earning her bachelor’s of art from The George Washington University and a Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law, she dedicated over six years as an assistant district attorney in Nassau County. Her tenure saw her tackling complex cases in the County Court Trial Bureau and the Economic Crimes Bureau, where she focused on issues including tax evasion, identity theft, and forged documents. Following this, Lavine served as a court attorney and later as principal law clerk for a New York City Civil Court Judge in Queens County, before transitioning into private practice focusing on commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
Lavine’s professional trajectory is complemented by her extensive involvement in community organizations. As a PTA member and treasurer of the Glen Cove Child Daycare Center, Inc., a Head Start Program serving the North Shore community, Lavine’s dedication to supporting educational initiatives outside of her professional realm is evident.
Her decision to run for the Board of Education three years ago stemmed from a desire to bring positivity and unity to the district. Observing what she perceived as a lack of cohesive focus among board members, Lavine felt compelled to offer her experience and perspective to the school system. Since then, she has been an active participant in various committees, including the Audit Committee and Policy Committee, where she has contributed to financial oversight and policy development.

“I just felt amongst the community there needed to be more positivity around our schools.” Lavine said. “It’s a great system with great buildings and teachers. There’s so much goodness about it, and there wasn’t enough focused on that. There’s always room for improvements, but I’m always going to be a cheerleader for our schools.”
Lavine’s impact on the district’s initiatives has been substantial. She played a pivotal role in securing funding for summer school programs for elementary and middle school students, ensuring continued educational support during the summer months. Additionally, her advocacy for hiring a fine arts coordinator underscores her commitment to providing a comprehensive education that includes a robust arts program.
Looking ahead, Lavine remains focused on addressing the evolving needs of the district. Her dedication to maintaining a reasonable budget within the tax cap while prioritizing programs that benefit students and the community reflects her pragmatic approach to governance. She emphasizes the importance of community-school partnerships and envisions a future where these collaborations lead to further advancements in education and infrastructure.
In the rapidly changing classroom landscape, Lavine recognizes the importance of equipping students with the skills to navigate modern challenges. From media literacy to cybersecurity, she aims to ensure that the district remains proactive in addressing these issues and preparing students for success in the 21st century.
Lavine’s candidacy represents a continuation of her unwavering commitment to serving the Glen Cove community. With a blend of professional expertise, community engagement, and a vision for the future, Lavine stands ready to continue advocating for the best interests of students, families, and educators alike.
“It’s an honor to represent the district,” Lavine said. “I feel in the last three years, we accomplished so much. The obvious one is passing last year’s bond and helping some of the infrastructure projects get moving, which were critical to advancing our students interests.”