Markoulis leads with trust and integrity


Anne Markoulis, a steadfast advocate for education and community engagement, first came to Glen Cove in 2002. When Markoulis was researching areas to purchase a home, a friend persuaded her to tour the city. A transplant from Astoria, Queens, Glen Cove’s diversity and family-oriented atmosphere drew her in, she said. Since then, Markoulis, has embedded herself deeply within the fabric of the community, leaving an indelible mark through her tireless dedication to education and service.
Markoulis was first elected to the Board of Education in 2021. Her background reflects her multifaceted approach to supporting students. Holding a dual Bachelor of Science from Queens College in psychology and dance, she initially aspired to provide therapy and counseling for youth in group homes and prisons. However, life took her on a different path as she became a mother to three children in the district. Determined to continue her educational journey, Markoulis pursued a Master’s Degree in special education and general education from Long Island University Post, equipping herself with the tools to support students’ diverse needs.
“I love working with our youth,” Markoulis said. “I feel that I can relate to a lot of issues that some of our children are dealing with.”
For 13 years, Markoulis served as a teacher’s assistant within the Glen Cove School District, where she nurtured and guided countless students. For nearly two decades, she has been an active participant in the Parent Teacher Association. Through collaboration and unwavering support, Markoulis has helped shape the educational landscape of Glen Cove, ensuring that every student receives the resources and opportunities they deserve. During her term with the Board of Education, Markoulis advocated for capital improvements in the district, and was instrumental in pushing the district to upgrade facilities to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities act.
She dedicated 18 years to serving on PTA executive boards and fostering collaboration and support within the community, but her commitment extended beyond the PTA, as she also served as a parent representative on the Curriculum Committee and various hiring committees, ensuring the voices of students were heard in decision-making processes. Transitioning into her role as a board member, Markoulis’ impact continued to resonate through her service on the Audit and Education committees. Presently, she channels her expertise into the Policy Committee. She credits her experience with the PTA with helping her know the community and work closely together for the betterment of the district, as well as her time with special education students who need additional help in the classroom.

“I decided to go to the Board of Education because I worked in Glen Cove schools,” Markoulis said. “For the next three years, I’m really going to be focusing on student support and community support. I’m also working to build trust with the Board of Education so students feel comfortable coming up to a board member.”
Drawing upon her extensive experience within the school district, she continues to champion student support and community engagement. Her vision for the future is clear: to cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration within the Board of Education, where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.
Markoulis’ contributions have not gone unnoticed. The Glen Cove Council of PTA’s Diamond Club recognized her unwavering commitment with the prestigious Diamond Award, reserved for individuals who have gone above and beyond in serving the children of the Glen Cove School District. This accolade is a testament to her sincere efforts and dedication to enriching the lives of students within her community. Her lifetime of community service is evidenced by her selfless volunteer efforts, which included organizing numerous donations and providing outreach to community members in need during the coronavirus pandemic.
Markoulis emphasizes the importance of collaboration and unity within the Board of Education. Together, they strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student can thrive.
“It’s a pleasure working with a group of wonderful women on the board,” she said. “I’m so blessed that we have a unified Board of Education.”