Vote for Tenke for Glen Cove mayor


Democrat Timothy Tenke is running for his second term as the city’s mayor against former mayor Reggie Spinello, a Republican. Both candidates have impressive track records when it comes to fighting for Glen Cove, and the city will see big changes in the future because of both men.

We like both candidates, but we believe that Tenke is best suited to steer the city for the next two years. His leadership is needed to ensure Glen Cove benefits from the development projects now under way at Garvies Point, Village Square and Livingston. Tenke aims to fight for truly affordable housing at these projects and encourage developers to attract businesses at these sites that don’t compete with those already established in the city.

Because the developments will bring a thousand new residents to the city, Tenke has made sure Glen Cove’s water supply can accommodate the booming population by reopening five of six wells, with plans to reopen the last well and create yet another one in the works. He also championed the installation of new LED light systems throughout the city and in the downtown to help revitalize the nightlife and help local businesses thrive in the evenings.

Tenke has been criticized for his handling of the city’s budgets, none of which have ever passed without major contention. While Tenke’s budgeting can seem too optimistic, it’s important that the city shed its previous dependence on one-shot revenue streams and transfers from the water fund, actions taken under Spinello’s administrations that were heavily criticized in a 2018 report by the State Comptroller’s Office. For the city to thrive in the long-term, according to the report, it must find new ways to handle its budgeting.

We also want to commend Tenke’s temperament in this polarizing election season. When disparaging postcards from a nameless source targeted him recently, he didn’t send similar misleading postcards. And as two city employees filed harassment complaints against him with the help of his opponent’s former chief of staff, Tenke kept his cool and simply filed a statement refuting the claims. We at the Herald Gazette reviewed the claims, and did not see any that detailed harassment, only arguments and disagreements between the two employees and Tenke.

There is no doubt that both candidates have the best interests of Glen Cove in mind. They are both committed to the community, but as the city begins to change, we believe that Tenke is the better candidate to keep the city moving forward. So show him your support on Tuesday.