Brian Nolan resigns from Locust Valley Board of Education


Brian Nolan resigned from the role of president of the Locust Valley Board of Education on Monday, having served on the board as both a trustee and president for the last eight years. Nolan was also demoted from his role as 3rd deputy chief of the Locust Valley Fire Department on Tuesday.

Nolan has been an active member of both the Locust Valley Board of Education, having been president throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Fire Department where he had been chief.
The board announced his resignation on the district website on Monday, thanking him for his years of service and wishing him the best going forward.

Locust Valley firefighters received a text Tuesday evening that Nolan was no longer chief of the department. He has been replaced in that position by James Bonislawski Jr.

Nolan, who is the assistant principal at Munsey Park School, is facing allegations made by Glen Cove resident Gabrielle Atkinson that he is the father of her unborn son. Atkinson published a post on Facebook on Feb. 3, which detailed a five month-long affair with Nolan, who is married, including photos of them together.

According to the Facebook post, Atkinson alleges that Nolan misled her into believing that he was in the process of divorcing his wife, and that he had subsequently denied that the child was his or that he had ever been in a relationship with her.
Atkinson’s post read in part:

“So, to settle the rumors, yes Brian and I dated starting in September. At the end of October, we found out that we will be welcoming our little man in June 2023. Over the last five months, he has become a role model to my kids, which is the most hurtful part.

To clarify, the whole time, I was told Brian was getting divorced, and she knew everything that was going on. We spoke to an attorney about his divorce, so it was very hard to believe it wasn’t happening.”

In a subsequent post two days later, Atkinson alleged that Nolan had threatened her by saying he would post explicit photos of her if she did not remove the previous post. She also stated that she would be pursuing legal action for harassment and a restraining order against him, and that this would be the last post regarding their former relationship.

Neither Nolan nor Atkinson responded to the Herald by press time.