Nicholas Della Fera wants to support students


Nicholas Della Fera, a current trustee of the Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education, is running for reelection after having served one year on the board following the resignation of Brian Nolan last year. With a focus on ensuring the highest quality education for all students, Della Fera said he seeks to bring his personal experience as a Locust Valley graduate and community member to guide the district's progress.

Della Fera, 34, was born and raised in Locust Valley and graduated from Locust Valley High School in 2008. He currently works in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in eyecare, while residing in the area with his family. Their oldest daughter will begin attending Locust Valley schools next year, while their two younger children will join the Falcon family in a few years.

Della Fera's initial run for the school board stemmed from his desire to give back to the district that provided him with a strong educational foundation.

"I'm so appreciative of the education I received in Locust Valley, and I want to ensure my children and all students in the district have the same opportunities," he said.

Della Fera identified several key challenges facing the district, including inflation and potential reductions in state aid. Elevated inflation rates have made it more challenging to manage budgets and complete projects, while changes to the state budget could impact the district's financial planning.

"Costs for materials, services, and labor have gone up significantly in recent years," Della Fera said. "It's tough to deal with, but with proper fiscal management, we can navigate these challenges."

He emphasized the importance of careful planning and proactive financial management to maintain the district's quality of education.

As a trustee, Della Fera said he aims to balance the diverse needs and interests of district residents. He believes that listening to the community and engaging in open dialogue is essential for understanding residents' concerns and expectations.

"We've been working hard to make our budget presentations more informative and transparent," he said. "By explaining our budget and listening to feedback, we can better address the community's needs and find the best path forward."

Della Fera considers the district's location and resources to be major assets in providing students with a strong educational experience.

"The district is uniquely positioned on Long Island with access to a range of resources that can shape students' education and make them successful in whatever walk of life they want to achieve," he said.

The district has experienced some changes in leadership in recent years, including several superintendent transitions. Della Fera praised the current superintendent, Kristen Turnow, for her leadership and dedication to improving the district, and added that an important goal of his was to retain skilled staff and administrators.

"Dr. Turnow is a great administrator who works closely with teachers and other administrators to ensure that our students receive the best possible education," Della Fera said. "We are fortunate to have her guiding our district."

Regarding technology's role in education, Della Fera believes it is essential to integrate modern tools into the classroom while preparing students for future challenges. He said he recognized the fast-paced evolution of technology and the need to adapt and innovate to provide students with the best educational experience.

"Technology is constantly changing, and our goal is to use it effectively to enhance our students' learning experiences," Della Fera said. "From smart boards to iPads, we need to stay up to date to give our students the skills they need in today's world."

Della Fera said he hopes to secure reelection to continue serving the community and the district's students. His focus remains on fostering an environment that prioritizes student success while also maintaining a healthy, sustainable budget.