George Vasiliou emphasizes infrastructure and student support


George Vasiliou, a trustee of the Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education, is running for reelection, citing his dedication to advancing the district's educational and operational improvements.

Vasiliou joined the board in 2020 following a trustee resignation. Since then, he has been an active member, contributing his expertise to the audit, facilities and budget committees. With a strong background in education and financial operations, Vasiliou believes his experience will continue to benefit the district as it navigates future challenges and opportunities.

Vasiliou's career in education spans over 20 years. Before joining the Locust Valley School Board, he held several leadership positions in the New York City Department of Education, including executive director of financial operations and deputy chief operating officer. His responsibilities included overseeing a significant budget and managing a large workforce.

During Vasiliou's tenure on the school board has seen him prioritize operational infrastructure and business functions, particularly in the areas of finance and facilities. He said that he is proud of the district's efforts to manage its financial resources effectively, ensuring the implementation of critical infrastructure improvements without the need for a bond.

“I’m especially proud of our district because we figured out how to balance financial considerations in the district successfully and while securely prioritizing pedagogy and student learning,” Vasiliou said. “That’s what we’re focused on.”

During his time on the board, Vasiliou said he and his colleagues have also prioritized updating facilities such as installing air conditioning, modernizing electrical panels, and introducing LED lighting. These improvements aim to create a comfortable learning environment and optimize energy efficiency.

Vasiliou emphasizes the importance of student well-being and the need to provide a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their passions.

"I want every kid to find what they're most passionate about," Vasiliou said. "That comes with both a welcoming community and providing as much opportunity for exploration of their interests as possible."

Looking ahead, Vasiliou aims to solidify the community's trust in the district's ability to provide the best possible education for its students. He said that he also plans to maintain long-term financial stability, particularly in anticipation of state mandates such as the transition to electric busing.

Additionally, Vasiliou plans to collaborate with the community to develop a detailed five-year plan for the district's facilities. This plan will involve communicating the district's goals and projects to residents and ensuring their input and support.

“If we’re going to do a major undertaking, like a full-scale renovation of our middle school-high school library, we’re going to have to do so much communication,” Vasiliou said. “We’re going to have to really be out with the community full-time, energetically, to get them brought in to realize what it is that we want to do.”

Vasiliou, 47, lives in Upper Brookville, with his wife, Elena, and their two daughters, Arianna, a student at Locust Valley Intermediate, and Melina, who will be entering first grade in the district next year. He said he is optimistic about the district's future and hopes to continue contributing to its success.

"We really just got there," Vasiliou said, referring to the district's progress on financial transparency and facilities improvements. "And this year, we're getting ready to take on some incredible facilities projects. I really want to stay involved and see Locust Valley step up to the next level."

Vasiliou's passion for education and his commitment to the community have driven him to run for reelection. He said that he is hopeful that voters will recognize his contributions and dedication to the district and support his bid for another term.