Hach challenges GOP establishment


Greg Hach is gearing up for the Republican primary on June 25. If he wins, he will challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi to represent the 3rd Congressional District in the November general election. Despite the Nassau Republicans' selection of Michael LiPetri as their candidate, Hach is actively campaigning, and collecting signatures, emphasizing his military background, legal expertise, and grassroots approach.

"I'm running in the spirit of our founding principles," Hach stated. "Our founders envisioned ordinary citizens stepping up, not career politicians. That's what we need."

The party anticipates a heated primary race in June that currently features 11 contenders vying for the congressional seat once occupied by Republican George Santos.

Without an official nod from the state Republican Party Committee, candidates are left with fewer, less convenient paths toward getting on the primary ballot. Although the party’s endorsement does not result in an automatic primary win, candidates often vey for their party’s endorsement because it comes with significant advantages, with one of those benefits being to bypass the petitioning process.

According to New York’s ballot access laws, candidates running in a congressional race without the backing of one of the four state-recognized political parties — the Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Working Families parties — must collect 1,250 signatures from voters registered with that party.

Hach, is re-entering the race after an unsuccessful bid for the special election earlier this year. He is emphasizing his military background and legal expertise as assets to challenge his Democratic opponent.

Raised in Hicksville, Hach draws pride from his upbringing in a union household. He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1988, serving until 1991, followed by pursuing higher education in criminal justice and law.

Post-Sept. 11, 2001, Hach co-founded Hach & Rose LLP, offering pro bono legal aid to victims of the attacks. This experience profoundly shaped his views on national security, expressing concerns over rising authoritarianism and illegal immigration, particularly from China.

He opposes movements to defund the police and advocates against cashless bail policies, attributing them to what he perceives as the leftward shift of the Democratic Party.

Economically, Hach criticized President Biden's policies, citing inflation reminiscent of the 1970s. He pledges to address rising living costs and fiscal responsibility, emphasizing the burden placed on future generations by excessive government spending.

Hach identifies his campaign's core issues as crime reduction, immigration reform, and economic stability. He proposes measures like reinstating broken windows policing, tightening border control, and curbing overspending in Washington.

Hach presents himself as a grassroots candidate, driven by a genuine commitment to serve, contrasting with the perceived elitism of career politicians. He argues for the election of everyday citizens with a vested interest in national welfare.

“I'm running for the right reasons, I'm a regular everyday citizen who's had it with professional politicians, and it's time you elected regular citizens to Congress,” Hach said. “Elites aren't getting it done, and they've destroyed our country.

Hach said he is concerned about LiPetri's past associations and political stance, suggesting it may not resonate well with Republican voters in Queens and Long Island. He alleges LiPetri was too closely tied to Santos, referring to another news media outlets article revealed that LiPetri had partnered with Santos in a business deal that ultimately fell through.

“We have serious issues that need addressing and we need serious people to address them,” Hach said. “We can't afford another back room pick by the Nassau GOP.

Regarding the upcoming election, Hach stresses the need for genuine representation and rejects establishment politics. He warns against complacency in the face of Democratic agendas and added that LiPetri’s past work for former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — coupled with his well-known dislike for former President Donald Trump — is a legitimate concern for Republican primary voters.

“You have a choice of two people in the in the presidential election. If you're not supporting Trump, you're supporting Biden, that’s what it comes down to,” Hach said. “If you're supporting Biden, you’re supporting the destructive Democratic agenda, which has been effectively destroying our country over the last couple of years. We can't afford another Biden administration.”