Levittown native Jimmy Failla on hosting 'Fox News Saturday Night with Jimmy Failla'


Levittown native Jimmy Failla has jumped around from driving cabs to working comedy clubs and now hosting his own show on cable television.

Since his time in Levittown, Failla has been making jokes, but his career in comedy really took off once he quit his side jobs, he said.

His new show, “FOX News Saturday Night with Jimmy Failla,” a program with a comedic twist on culture, politics and lifestyle, premiered on Jan. 13, according to a news release.

The cable show features guests, including Jimmy’s friends, family, and the cast of “Farmer Wants A Wife,” a dating-reality show who play games and converse with the host.

“‘FOX News Saturday Night is a show for everyone who realizes that our country doesn’t need more Republicans or more Democrats, it needs more comedy,” Failla said in the news release.

His book, “Cancel Culture Dictionary,” debuted on Jan. 30, in which he goes through one thing that has been “canceled” for every letter of the alphabet, guiding readers through a world without politics, the release said.

“Cancel culture took a lot of the fun things in society and turned them into political battleground,” he said.

Failla graduated from Division Avenue High School in Levittown in 1995 and earned an associates degree in communication and media studies from Nassau Community College in Garden City in 1998.

In 2001 and 2002, he began stand-up comedy at various clubs in New York.

Marianne Failla, his mother and a 50-year Levittown resident, said that he has always been personable.

“He was always a comedian because of his intelligence,” she said. “He has a magnetic personality, really.”

In 2007, he started cab driving because he was not earning enough doing comedy to pay his bills, he said. Through this profession, Failla found a new perspective of radio.

“Radio is company for people who are at work,” he said. “Radio show is a three-hour effort to brighten someone’s day.”

While driving cabs, he continued with stand-up at the Gotham Comedy Club, where a FOX broker saw him perform and invited him to come on “Kennedy,” a FOX Business show hosted by political commentator Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, on March 17, 2017.

“I had a double-parked taxi,” Failla said, adding that the only way he could avoid a parking ticket was by convincing police he was carrying a large piece of furniture out of the FOX Business studio. “I ran inside with my hazards on and trunk open.”

After that day, he quit his side jobs and began writing and appearing regularly on the “Kennedy” show for two and a half years. He went on to host “FOX Across America,” a FOX News Radio show discussing hot topics of today, which is still on air.

Failla’s intention with his new show is to change the crossover between entertainment and politics.

“Hopefully, what the show becomes is something where we can cross-pollinate entertainment again,” he said. “Even if I’m like the unsung hero in this regard, (I hope) that people in other kinds of entertainment go back to not hating each other again.”

Failla continues to appear on other FOX programs and has a comedy special, “State of the Union,” on Amazon Prime. He has also published one other book, titled “Follow That Car!”

Norma Germano, former fourth-grade teacher at Abbey Lane Elementary School in Levittown, recently reconnected with Failla after seeing him on the FOX News Channel.

“He’s everything you would want somebody to be that you taught,” Germano said. “He’s so ambitious.”