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Early voting locations in Nassau County


Early voting begins in New York on Saturday, Oct. 24, and runs through Sunday, Nov. 1. Registered voters may cast their ballots at any of the listed polling stations throughout the county, according to officials at the Nassau County Board of Elections. Voters do not need to cast their ballots in their own towns.

Times vary by day. Voters are advised that some states have reported significant lines at polling stations. 

The polling station in Wantagh has changed to American Legion Post 1273, at 3484 Park Ave.

To ensure ballots are cast at legitimate polling stations or deposited in legitimate drop-off boxes, voters are advised to be attentive.  Report any suspicious activities or efforts to interfere with or disrupt voting immediately.

If in doubt, or to report any issues, please call the Nassau County Board of Elections: (516) 571-8683 for English; or La Junta Electoral Condado Nassau en Español: (516) 571-1245