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Lynbrook Fire Department responds to separate car, garage fires


The Lynbrook Fire Department responded to two separate fires on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, the LFD responded to a garage fire on Wyoming Avenue.

 Under the direction of Chief Nick Pearsall, Engine Company 1 connected to a nearby hydrant and stretched a hose line up the driveway of the garage. The homeowner had previously used a garden hose to knock down the fire before the LFD arrived as it was spreading up the side of the detached garage in the rear of his home. 

The firefighters wet down the garage and Truck Company pulled off siding to make sure the blaze was extinguished. Firefighters were at the scene for 30 minutes, and the fire was contained to the exterior of the garage.

On Monday, the LFD responded to a car fire at the intersection of Lakeview and Ocean avenues.

Under the command of First Assistant Chief Michael Brooks, the firefighters responded to a car that was on fire and resting up against the front of a gas station office at that intersection. The blaze was quickly extinguished with a hose line from Engine Company 1.

The car was totaled, but the business suffered no damage. The drier was not hurt and was able to escape from the vehicle.

Courtesy Lynbrook Fire Department; compiled by Mike Smollins