Merrick author writes book about her 'fur-ever' friends



Merrick resident Stasie Fishman’s newest books are not just cute tales about her beloved pets. Through her work, she hopes to educate readers on how to best rescue or care for cats that live on the streets, she said.

Fishman rescued her two cats, Bettinna and Sammie, after extensively researching how to identify a homeless cat in need and bring it into the home, she explained. It takes several steps, from identifying if they are feral or non-feral and eventually getting them fixed.

Fishman’s books “Bettinna’s Tail” and “Sammie’s Tail” chronicle the journey of the two cats as they slowly became accustomed to their new “fur-ever” home, Fishman said. “It’s all about bringing joy to these animals.”

“You’re also saving lives,” she added. “You’re saving a cat’s life, who might be hurt or freezing.”

Merrick is home to many homeless cats, Fishman has observed. Many are stray cats that have been abandoned but have experienced human contact. Others are less familiar, however, and can be cared for without ever bringing them into a home by leaving out food and water.

Rescuing cats has brought a great deal of joy to Fishman’s life, she said. She’s grown even closer to Bettinna and Sammie since being stuck inside during quarantine. “Cats bring great rewards,” Fishman said, “even outside cats.”

The books — including the latest, “Bettinna’s Tail,” which was released last November — feature photos of the cats throughout Fishman’s home. Fishman also recently shared the books’ messages with students at a New York City school during a virtual presentation; she plans to hold more in the future.

“Bettina’s Tail” and “Sammie’s Tail” are available on Amazon.