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Q: I understand that Nassau County determines taxes in some part by lot size and structural square footage, but is there a standard calculation? I'm in the process of putting an addition on my house and want to know if there is a way I can approximate how much my taxes will go up by. Additionally, after the house is reassessed and the taxes undoubtedly go up, how quickly after can I grieve?

A: Properties are assessed as of each January 1st, called the tax status date. A building permit application will usually cause the assessor’s field team to visit and reassess the property. It is prudent to visit the assessor’s office with a copy of the building plans to get a preliminary estimate of the assessment increase. At the same time, ask for an application for the “Tax Exemption for Capital Improvement to Residential Property.” Nassau County assessments can be grieved each January - March 1st filing period. The grievance now would be for the future tax period of 2016/17.

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