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Seaford School District PTAs take over Adventureland

Seaford families enjoy a night out


The happiness could almost be felt in the air as children reunited with friends and ran to a number of Adventureland’s games and rides.

The Seaford Manor and Seaford Harbor Parent Teacher Associations reserved Adventureland, in East Farmingdale, for Seaford School District elementary school students for a spring family event last Friday.

The annual event was the district’s most successful one yet, with lines of students and their parents stretching through the parking lot. Only a half-hour after the start time, Vanessa Krussman, of the Seaford Harbor PTA, said she couldn’t help but notice the happiness and energy among the families that participated, many of whom were enjoying their first night out after a year of quarantine.

“Just being outside, being a bit more comfortable and with people you know and you’re starting to see again in sports, it’s just the whole community coming together,” Krussman said. “We began planning this a year ago, as we always plan in advance, but back in March, when there were still a lot of restrictions and vaccines were new, we didn’t know what to expect.”

A survey was distributed to parents to see if they would feel comfortable gathering at the amusement park, to which the community gave an “overwhelming response,” she said.

And after mask restrictions for fully vaccinated people began to ease earlier this month, Krussman said, the excitement about the event grew, with more people expressing interest in buying ride bracelets the day of the event.

“They’ve been talking about it all throughout the school,” she said. “The teachers were talking about it. They were just really excited.”

For two weeks, Jessica Schlitter, of the Seaford Manor PTA, said, her children had been asking every day when they would be going to Adventureland. “They’re very excited,” Schlitter said. “They’ve been cooped up for too long. And now they can be out, get fresh air and play with their friends. It’s amazing.”

Krussman added that she was thankful for the support of the community, which made it possible for the PTAs to rent out the park and have a night that was just for Seaford.

Susan Santella and her family were among the attendees. “Being able to be out and see everybody — it’s a great night and a great beginning to summer and the end of school,” Santella said. “I think everybody’s excited and the nice weather brought everybody out. It’s a great turnout.”