Valley Stream Herald seeks Person of the Year nominations


Know anyone around town who you'd describe as a true do-gooder: that PTA president, Little League coach or scout leader who goes above and beyond the call of duty; that community volunteer who gives so much of him or herself while asking for nothing in return; that volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician who saved a life? 

The Valley Steam Herald is currently seeking nominations for our annual Person of the Year. All People of the Year are featured in full-length, front-page feature stories that appear in our final issue of the year. 

If you know of any unsung heroes within the community who deserve recognition for their selfless work on behalf of others, please contact us immediately by email at   or write to the Valley Stream Herald c/o Juan Lasso 2 Endo  Blvd., Garden City, N.Y. 11530. Submission are due by Dec. 4, and the sooner we receieve them, the better! Nominations are best sent by email. 

Along with your nominations, just give us two or three sentences why your nominee desrves recognition and provide contact information for him or her, if you can. You can nominate more than one person.