Juvenile charged with robbery in Uniondale

A boy, 13, was allegedly robbed of his sweatshirt at knifepoint on the soccer field Turtle Hook Middle School in Uniondale on May 2.

Two Uniondale students awarded The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Uniondale High School announced two outstanding students, Cristian Centeno and Christian Auguste, have received The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Hofstra students call for an end to American support in Israel

Nationwide anti-war protests have hit home as students from Hofstra University have joined the movement to call for an end to all American support and funding for Israel.

Blakeman announces plans to resubmit lease-transfer application for Las Vegas Sands casino in Nassau

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced that his administration plans to submit a reworked lease-transfer application to the County Planning Commission in hopes of securing a downstate casino license for Las Vegas Sands at the Nassau Hub.

Closing out National Poetry Month at the Uniondale library

The Uniondale public library hosted an open mic night in celebration of April being National Poetry Month.


Cherishing moms who embody love, strength

The remarkable resilience and sacrifice of mother is shown through the extraordinary life of Elinor Sullivan, whose daring feats in aviation were matched only by her dedication to motherhood.

The blemish of college demonstrations

The numerous college demonstrations lately have given me a lot of mixed feelings. Having lived through the years when there were other demonstrations, I contrast how those incidents were handled with the present ones. In addition, I can’t help but feel some sadness about how our elected officials are reacting to these events.


Protecting our kids online

The data is clear: Kids spending more time online and on social media is detrimental to their mental health.


We should have learned more than we have from history

My reading of history, however, is that for the most part — whether it be everyday people, intellectuals or world leaders — there was little realization during those years that the world as they knew it was that much different from what had come before. Until it was. Or that tragedy lay ahead. Until it was too late.