NUMC closure and Medicaid cuts: Nassau's healthcare crisis

Nassau County residents voice concerns over fears of a government shutdown and possible Medicaid funding cuts combined with the closure of Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC).

Hospital leaders, elected officials, rally for Nassau University Medical Center

For decades, the Nassau University Medical Center has existed and thrived as a crucial centerpiece in the county’s health care system. 

Shoppers struggle as food prices soar amid inflation crisis

Explore the economic challenges faced by Uniondale residents as they navigate the impacts of inflation on rising food prices.

Lisa Ortiz is running for state Assembly

Lisa Ortiz: Community-focused leader running for Assembly to address local needs

Noah Burroughs announces Assembly run

He’s served on the Hempstead village board. He’s taught for 20 years, and he even played for the New York Jets. Now Noah Burroughs is looking for a new way to give back to his community.


Solving Long Island’s housing problem

We have seen how a global pandemic has made local housing prices surge to levels that make them unaffordable for many disheartened house hunters on Long Island. While the housing market is starting to return to pre-Covid levels, an average price is still out of reach for most young adults starting their careers, single-income households, and older residents looking to downsize. Long Island has also been plagued by a lack of home inventory, which for many has turned the American dream into a dream deferred.


At our schools, they’re cutting to the bone

My wife and I know a successful young couple who live in a spacious Manhattan apartment. They have lots of dining and entertainment options, a doorman and great views of a park. Best of all, they roll out of bed, hop on a subway and they’re at the office in a matter of minutes. They’ve got it made, yet everyone’s debating how long it will be before they move to Long Island.


Our communities need more doctors who look like me

I’m 26, and have lived virtually my whole life in Hempstead. I’ve seen a lot of health-related issues — low-income people of color, like me, suffering from chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and untreated mental illness. Often they haven’t been able to receive proper treatment for their conditions. I wanted to do something about it, and soon I will be able to, because I’m on my way to becoming a doctor.


The challenge of a Supreme Court that isn’t supreme

As a lawyer, I have the greatest respect for the American court system. Our country is one of the few in the world whose courts are not used for political vendettas, as is the case in Russia. That system is manipulated by one man, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and there are countless cases in which he has punished his political enemies by using the judicial system.