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Meet Anthony A. Nozzolillo, Esq., Long Island Real Estate Attorney whose expertise goes well beyond closings


What originally attracted Anthony A. Nozzolillo to Real Estate Law is that it’s a “smorgasbord of all types of law” — and that is exactly where Nozzolillo excels.

In addition to having run his own private practice for almost a decade, Nozzolillo serves as Chief Legal Counsel to “On Point Land Services Corporation”, (a Real Estate Title Insurance Company) General Counsel to “Keen Settlement Services, Inc”., (a Loan Closing Settlement Company) and Of Counsel to Turturro Law, P.C. (a Full Service Law Firm). He also serves as Legal Counsel to multiple Condominium and Cooperative Buildings in Nassau County.

Outside of Real Estate Law, Nozzolillo also provides legal services for Wills/Trusts, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Law, Corporate Law, and Contract Law.

“Unlike some attorneys that fell into becoming a lawyer, I have wanted to be an attorney since I was 16. My High School yearbook quote was ‘To become a successful attorney, or to marry rich,’” Nozzolillo shared. “ I am constantly reading law journals, legal articles, legal blogs and am an active member of the New York State and Nassau County Bar Association.

“Whenever the opportunity to become familiar with a newly passed law, legislation, case, or the like presents itself, I readily welcome the opportunity to read about it,” he added. “It is safe to say that I am obsessively passionate when it comes to the world of law, and I’m enthusiastically dedicated to my profession and career.”

Finding expertise in the ‘smorgasbord’ of Real Estate Law

Nozzolillo’s work with On Point Land Services Corporation, a real estate title insurance company, gives him unfettered access to public records, court records and building department searches where a real estate transaction is concerned.

“Unlike other real estate closing attorneys, I do not need to defer to the knowledge, expertise, or resources of a title company with whom they do business – I AM that person and can engage any and all title issues, survey issues, open building permits, tax liens, and prior owner issues myself through the resources and staff I have at my direct disposal.”

This also means that when working with Nozzolillo, the real estate transaction won’t be delayed waiting for the pesky title to be cleared.

“That is NEVER the case where I represent a buyer, as I control the clearance of the title,” he explained. “Where I represent a seller (and the buyer's attorney selects the title company), my vast knowledge of title and title insurance also allows me to correspond with the title company in a way where I can actually assist THEM in clearing titles”.

“And, there are many times where I suggest and validate an alternative course of action that results in having closing scheduled more expeditiously due to my title and title insurance knowledge,” Nozzolillo added.

His ability to help and go beyond what an average closing attorney can do also extends into real estate transactions that involve Trusts, Estates, Corporate Buyers or Sellers, REO closings, Short Sales, Auction Sales and more.

“Not many real estate closing attorneys also practice in these areas, but I do, as I had my own private practice for almost a decade that was a “general practice firm” by definition,” Nozzolillo explained. “Having reviewed and drafted hundreds of Trust Agreements and Wills, probating Wills in surrogate court, and having Administrators appointed to an Estate where there was no Will or Trust left when the person died—all in addition to having represented established corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Partnerships, and Limited Companies (LTDs), I am fully familiar with the legal dynamics where a Will, Trust and/or Corporate Entity or Company are part of the Real Estate Transaction. This means I’m able to finesse any intricacies that may present themselves in such a real estate closing where these entities are parties to the transaction.”

Nozzolillo also has many years of experience in non-conventional closings including Short sales, (Bank) Real Estate Owned Sales (REO) and Auction Sales.

“I have found that few real estate closing attorneys have dealt with ALL these types of closing, and if they have, they were sporadic instances,” he said.

But Nozzolillo’s expertise is especially valuable where Real Estate Law becomes that “smorgasbord” of other facets of law.

“As far as I am concerned, Real Estate Law is a wonderful combination of many facets of law “all mixed into one”. I call Real Estate Law the ‘legal blender law,’ where you take many different areas of law, place them into a blender, and hit mix,” he explained.

“Where a Real Estate Transaction is concerned, you can have a Will/Trust/Estate (Estate Law) or Corporation or Company (Corporate/Business Law) that is buying or selling real property, a home being sold subject to a divorce proceeding (Domestic Relations Law), or litigation surrounding a particular parcel of land where a lien is filed against the property, etc (Litigation), to name a few,” he added. “ It is this that attracts me to Real Estate Law—each transaction is unique.”

Visit Anthony A. Nozzolillo, Esq. online at nozzolillo.com, by calling (516) 600-9750, or emailing info@nozzolillo.com.