StoryWalk Adventure Engages West Hempstead Kindergartners


Kindergartners at Chestnut Street School in West Hempstead participated in an interactive storybook activity during National Library Week, which ran from April 3 to 9 in the West Hempstead Union Free School District.

The West Hempstead Public Library teamed up with the district to offer students a StoryWalk, which the district defined as an activity that includes a book that is taken apart, with each page laminated, and then presented piecemeal on a trail, bike path or any outside community space page by page in an effort to encourage students to engage in reading and exercise.

Created by Anne Ferguson of Vermont, “StoryBook is an innovative way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time,” the district said.

Teachers traveled along these spaces, reading the pages of each book as students hopped, skipped and jumped to follow each page and its rules, the district added.