This lifelong Malvernite wants to improve the village. Read how he plans to use his financial acumen to improve government.


Village of Malverne Trustee Tim Sullivan has announced his candidacy for mayor in the March 21 election.

Sullivan was nominated and approved by the members of the Independent Party of Malverne, as were trustee candidate Scott Edwards and village justice candidate Judge Jim Frankie

. However, the candidates will not be allowed to represent the Independent Party of Malverne and instead will be listed on the ballot under the Good Neighbors Party and the Protect Our Village Party.

Former Mayor Patti McDonald endorsed Sullivan.

“I know about the demands of the office as well as the need for integrity, maturity, and character that the office requires,” McDonald said. “Tim Sullivan has demonstrated all of the abilities, skills and personal qualities we expect in our mayor. Tim has clearly shown he is committed to the hard work and sacrifice often required to do what is best for all the residents.”

Sullivan said he decided several months ago to run for mayor “in an effort to bring some civility and respect back to the way our village board treats our residents.”

Sullivan touted his financial background as the founder and managing member of a real estate investment and development company. He said that expertise will serve the village well.

“I know I’m uniquely qualified with my financial and business background to manage our village finances,” he said, “especially considering all the investments we are making in our village over the next four years and beyond.”

Sullivan said his time as a trustee has given him the governmental experience needed to serve as mayor. “I was born and raised in the village, and I believe I have a unique perspective of how to best preserve what we’ve all come to love about Malverne,” he said. “I know what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t worked, and I’m excited to bring some new ideas and initiatives.”

Voting will take place on Tuesday, March 21 at the Malverne Village Hall at 99 Church St. between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.