Village electric head retired early March

Al Livingston, 57, superintendent of Freeport Electric since 2014, retired last month.

Lauded jazz group to launch new CD at Freeport library

Freeport Library to Host Daniel Bennett Group's Album Premiere: Jazz aficionados and music enthusiasts alike are in for a treat as the Freeport Memorial Library gears up to showcase the acclaimed Daniel Bennett Group's latest album release, 'Mr. Bennett's Mind.' Set for April 14 at 2:30 p.m.

Noah Burroughs joins run for Assembly

"Noah Burroughs, a seasoned community leader with a diverse background in public service, education, and athletics, is now vying for a new role: representing his community in the State Assembly. With experience ranging from serving on the Hempstead village board to coaching for the New York Jets, Burroughs brings a unique perspective and a strong commitment to making a difference. Addressing a gathering at Vybez on the Main in Hempstead, Burroughs articulated his motivations for seeking office, emphasizing his dedication to giving back and driving positive change. As he enters the Democratic race for the Assembly seat currently held by Assemblywoman Taylor Darling, Burroughs aims to leverage his expertise and passion to uplift communities across the 18th District.

Lisa Ortiz is running for state Assembly

Lisa Ortiz: Community-focused leader running for Assembly to address local needs

Freeport names new varsity football coach

Freeport School District names Jimmy Jones as new head coach for Freeport High School varsity football, bringing experience and hometown passion to lead the team.


The heartbreaking death of an NYPD hero

Former Congressman Peter King reflects on the tragic murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, highlighting the outpouring of support from Massapequa Park and beyond, including a moment with former President Donald Trump, and calls for legislative action in honor of Diller's memory."


Washington: where bipartisanship goes to die

Former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer reminisces about bipartisan successes in Albany, contrasting them with the current gridlock in Washington, where partisan politics obstructs meaningful legislation, leaving a longing for the return of bipartisan cooperation.


Trends come and go, and then come right back again

There's a resurgence of typewriters among Gen Z reflecting a growing desire for simplicity, nostalgia, and authenticity in a digital age