‘Don’t dream it, be it’ at Oceanside Lutheran Church


Popcorn, props, and singing – all part of the interactive screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Friendship Hall of the Oceanside Lutheran Church on Feb. 4 organized by Patti Roantree, a church member. It was encouraged for attendees to dress up as the characters and a prop bag filled with up-cycled items was distributed at the entrance.

Roantree has been a member of the church for over 20 years and over the years has organized events including movie screenings and upcycling arts and crafts among many others.

“My mother was worried no one will show,” said Gabrille Borris, 29, Roantree’s daughter, “but it’s Rocky Horror of course people will come.”

Seating was adorned with red and black decorations to continue the theme of the classic 1975 musical comedy. A wall projector made the viewing experience accessible to the full audience in the hall.

Pastor Alex Raabe, was in charge of the popcorn machine next to the appetizer spread with vegan and vegetarian options provided for attendees.

“This is a congregation favorite,” said Raabe on the selection of the film, “we are a church that welcomes people from all faith backgrounds, different sexual orientations and gender identities as everyone is welcome with no asterisks.”

Once the movie began, the crowd was perfectly in-tune while dancing and singing along to “Time Warp” and simultaneously used the DIY props - a newspaper, two pink gloves, some playing cards, bubbles, a party hat, a glowstick, a rain stick, some toilet paper, a noise-maker and a piece of toast on cue with notable scenes. Active audience participation was encouraged as attendees delivered ad-lib lines that were applauded by the audience.

“We want to be a place where people in Oceanside know that this is a church where the community can come together as a family and have some fun,” said Raabe.

The Oceanside Lutheran Church has previously hosted movie nights three times in the past year screening, “The Godfather” with a spaghetti dinner and another sing-along “The Sound of Music.” The goal was to get church-goers and community members to get out of the isolation period after Covid-19.

“I really wanted to support my friend, watch the movie and have some fun,” said Maddie James, 29, a first-timer who accompanied house-mate to the screening.