See who was at the Kravit Jewelers grand opening in Oceanside


The red carpets and luxury cars were out as Kravit Jewelers held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening of their new location at 3151 Long Beach Road in Oceanside. The company is known for its assortment of gemstones, watches and rare diamonds.

“Things are really popping in Oceanside, and this is the evidence right here,” said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. “This is the kind of boutique that you would see in San Francisco, Manhattan, Paris, and Milan. This is really first class and it’s something that is really going to help us elevate the bar here in Oceanside.”

Kravit Jewelers has welcomed many clients from Oceanside and beyond since 1976. Their old location at the Sands shopping center is only a short walk away from their new location where Capital One Bank once stood. In late June, the business took over and renovated the freestanding building. Idayne Kaye, 54, of Lido Beach, co-owns the business with her brother, Bennett Kaye, 63, from Long Beach.

“It was a two-year search for the right spot and sometimes things are just right in front of your face,” said Idayne. “We always loved this bank, my father banked here, and as a little girl used to come here, so I just always had a good feeling about it.”

The new space features an entire boutique devoted to Rolex watches, a full bar on the showroom floor, a private diamond salon, and an outdoor event space. Kravit Jewelers has remained a family-owned and operated business.

“It is an honor to stand before you as torchbearers of a legacy that has withstood the test of time,” said Bennett to the crowd gathered for the grand opening.

The business was started in 1927 in New York City by their grandfather Samuel who emigrated from Argentina to the United States to better the lives of himself and his family. Samuel was a boxer and installed tiles in the city subway system. Idayne said he learned quickly that diamonds had “this special value and some trading value and that’s how the story started.”

In 1946, Idayne and Bennett’s father William “Willie” Kaye moved the store to Far Rockaway, where the siblings were born and raised. In 1976, William moved the business from Far Rockaway and moved to Oceanside. Lynn LaMarca, 81, retired from the jeweler 3 years ago after working for the business for 41 years. She worked for William Kaye and saw Bennett and Idayne continue the business after their father passed.

“It was a mom-and-pop store before when I worked there and Bennett and Idayne were kids when I started,” she said. “I watched them grow and to go from then, to now with this beautiful store, it’s magnificent.”

Neither Idayne nor Bennett planned to go into the jewelry business. Idayne had a career in set design, and Bennett was an established chemist. However, after their father became ill and later passed away in 1993 the two carried on the legacy.

“Our whole family on my father’s side are jewelers, it was like our first language,” said Idayne. “We ended up coming to help out our dad and then when he passed, we never left each other. We found a natural passion for this business.”

The siblings gravitate towards different sides of the business. Bennett is an expert gemologist and Idayne leans to the emotional side of connecting with clients and said together, the two form an incredible dynamic duo.

“30 years together, we’ve made it work from day one,” said Idayne.