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Valley Streamer creates a Christmas wonderland in his front yard


Ever since he was a child growing up in Ecuador, Valley Streamer Jose Perez has dreamt of creating a Christmas decoration display so elaborate and so bright, it could be seen far and wide.

But with little money, the best he could muster was to make do with small trees he would scavenge from a nearby forest  and decorate.

Now an adult, with a home and his own construction business, Perez has realized his dream, and on Sunday he lit his display to the delight of friends and visitors in what has become an annual tradition.

“I was watching movies, and I said to my mom, ‘one day I’m going to get a big, big house,’” he said, and vowed to put up as many decorations as he could.

Perez has lived in his home on the corner of Guenther and Meyer Avenue for seven years and having realized his dream, each Christmas season adds more to it. Visitors can come see the display from sundown to around 11 p.m. he said.

Using his story as an example of possibilities, he had a message for others, saying, “If they trust in themselves they can do anything they want to do.”