Students submerge in storytelling at John Street School


Third and fourth graders at Franklin Square school district’s John Street School participated in an educational, immersive experience with Submerge Storytelling, a local company founded by Cory Levine that offers engaging curricula and enrichment for grades K-5, between Feb. 12 and 16.

The students were tasked with exploring Emmy’s bedroom, a Submerge Storytelling character, to investigate for clues and codes to predictions and solve problems.

Emmy is a middle school student and science prodigy, who has been hired by NASA to find lithium minerals inside Saturn’s Rings to help mitigate an energy predicament on Earth.

The students were tasked with assisting Emmy, along with eight other astronauts headed to Saturn, by using the scientific method to solve problems on the spaceship. The school’s auditorium stage was transformed into the bedroom, equipped with multiple objects such as mineral rocks, Star Wars merchandise and a surfboard, among others.

As part of the experience, students wrote their observations in complete, detailed sentences with proper punctuation.