‘Don’t Press Send’

RVC’S community project produces an important book


In late July 2016, Katie Schumacher released her book, and an important milestone was reached for the internationally recognized Don’t Press Send Campaign.

It will be launched this month as a back to school resource for parents and educators to better guide students of all ages as they prepare to meet the challenges of technology in and out of the classroom.

“Don’t Press Send: A Mindful Approach to Social Media; An Education in Cyber Civics” is available on Amazon or through www.DontPressSendBook.com.

The manual that merges Schumacher’s personal experience with professional experience has received a rating of 4.9/5 stars on Amazon Customer Review. She has expanded her knowledge in social media behavior over the past three years and her book incorporates this information and provides helpful tips for parents and children of the digital age. While it is quite difficult to decrease technological dependency, especially for children and teenagers, Schumacher stresses that it is possible and necessary to find a healthy balance between social life and social media. Many families are not yet equipped to face the repercussions that emerge from an action as simple as clicking a button.

Education is the first step in combatting the ignorance that comes with the world that exists behind our screens.

As the movement continues to flourish, Schumacher is indebted to the Rockville Centre community for fostering the Don’t Press Send idea and providing essential support along the way. What began as a community project has expanded its horizons to as many as 13 countries, thanks to the Don’t Press Send App.

Last week Houston Family Magazine ran an online piece on Schumacher and her book, stating that this book is a must read for all parents and thanked her for writing this manual. On Sept. 29, Katie is opening her home to RVC moms for a wine and cheese book launch party. She hopes to have a good showing for this event, all moms are welcome! On Oct. 6, she will be presenting her parent presentation for Senator Todd Kaminsky at Oceanside High School. All parents in his district are encouraged to attend. Schumacher’s presentations are what truly began her movement and she is excited to be able to have the opportunity to spread her insight as well as learn new things as technology continues to be a pertinent part of our lives. Don’t Press Send is looking forward to another successful year, and many more, full of kind and careful communication.
— Written by Don’t Press Send Senior Writer Kelly Jahn