Jaida Ciampi, Glen Cove’s salutatorian


igh School’s 2024 salutatorian; she is a vibrant and multifaceted individual who blends academic excellence, musical talent, athleticism and a commitment to community service.
Her passion for music developed when she was in fourth grade, when she started playing the piano. Initially hesitant, she eventually fell in love with the instrument. Her training evolved as she joined the school’s jazz band, and she now play piano in various settings, including the Glen Cove Mansion and at local houses of worship.
Sports have also played a significant role in Ciampi’s life. She started playing soccer in elementary school, and took up tennis in seventh grade, competing throughout middle and high school. She also has a unique connection to motorcycles, a passion inherited from her father. From her first pink motorcycle, at age 1, to riding 150cc bikes, Ciampi’s enthusiasm is evidence of her adventurous spirit.
Inspired by her mother, a kick line coach, Ciampi joined the Glen Cove High team in her junior year. She also teaches kick line to elementary students.
Ciampi’s interest in medicine was ignited in eighth grade, after a motorcycle accident led her to an inspiring orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Paul DiMauro. Shadowing him — and even taking part in an innovative surgical procedure on a cadaver — solidified her desire to study for a medical career. She has also participated in Hofstra University’s Medical Pipeline Program, a summer program that focuses on medical ethics and health policy.

“We talked about how there’s so many disparities within the medical field right now, and there’s so much work to be done to create equitable health care,” Ciampi said. “That’s something that, like, really stood out to me. I knew when I go to college, that’s another thing I wanted to look into.”
During her time with DiMauro, Ciampi recognized a need for more opportunities for students to explore the medical field. She founded the Pre-Medical Club at the high school, and under her leadership, the club has organized fundraisers for diseases, decorated ornaments for nursing homes, made cards for hospitalized children, and hosted a successful Guest Speaker Day featuring 15 physicians from various specialties.
“We have an anatomy class, and we have a college health and professions class, but that was really it,” Ciampi said. “A lot of my friends, and a lot of the underclassmen and upperclassmen were interested in medicine. I figured that what the school really needed was a community where people could explore the medical field together, and go through the college application process together, and have each other’s back.”
Ciampi’s dedication to community service is evident in her extensive volunteer work. From playing piano to reading during Sunday Mass at St. Rocco’s Church, she regularly gives back to her community.
Academically, her achievements are nothing short of remarkable: She has a grade point average of 106.02. She has been accepted by Duke University, where she plans to double major in biology and global health — the latter in order to address disparities in health care access and equity.
“A pinnacle of the person that I am is really community service,” Ciampi said. “I love working in my community in any way that I’m able to give back. I try to give back because this is the place that has built me up and supported everything that I’ve wanted to do.”
Glen Cove High School Principal Allen Hudson said Ciampi is a humble student, and her success is a testament to the power of passion and hard work.
“You know, it’s one thing to be super smart, super intelligent, and really kind of be all about yourself,” Hudson said. “Whereas Jada is the opposite. She uses her intelligence to help other people throughout the entire community. We’re excited — she makes Glen Cove High School look really good, since she’s involved in so many things.”
“Jaida is an exceptional student,” Alyssa Andersen, her guidance counselor, said. “She is successful because she does not shy away from something that challenges her, she confronts it head-on and works on it every day. I have never encountered a student like Jaida before, and her success here is just the beginning.”