Letter to the Rockville Centre Editor (Nov. 11-17)


RVC Teachers’ Union president’s actions were shameful

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article “Rockville Centre Teachers’ Association president takes aim at school board” (Nov. 4-10), and having watched the YouTube video of the embarrassing attack by union President Frank Van Zant on our duly elected board President John O’Shea and other board members.

In my 53 years of regularly attending school board meetings, I have never witnessed such an arrogant and offensive presentation by a union leader. If his students spoke to him in the way he spoke to the school board, they would be suspended. Van Zant owes the school board an apology for his personal attack, which was cheered on by other teachers in the audience.

I support and applaud the school board majority for taking steps to correct prior wrongs and seeking new professional leadership for a superintendent of schools.

Jeff Greenfield, Rockville Centre