In RVC, Amy Schumer faced ‘major anti-Semitism’


In an interview with fellow Long Islander Alec Baldwin, Rockville Centre native Amy Schumer said she didn’t enjoy all of her childhood in the village.

Schumer, while talking with Baldwin on his podcast “Here’s the Thing,” spoke about her time growing up in Rockville Centre. Baldwin, who is also from Long Island, asked Schumer, “What does Long Island mean to you?

“I’d like to still perform there, so I don’t want to say,” was the comic’s first response.

She then expanded on her answer. Schumer grew up well-off, she said, because of her father’s work. But when he left her mother, they were forced to move out of the village into South Hempstead. “Like, still legally schooled Rockville Centre, but Hempstead,” Schumer said.

Schumer, whose career has been rocketing to new heights this year, said she wouldn’t want to move back to the Island, even though both her parents still live here.

“I had a good high school experience and everything, but my town had major anti-Semitism,” she said, speaking of Rockville Centre. “There were a lot of things I love and a lot I didn’t love. I wouldn’t want to live there again.”