South gives incoming students a head start


With the new school year on the horizon, excitement and trepidation can run high for parents and students alike about what the new year will look like. And for elementary students crossing over to middle school, the transition can be an especially daunting experience. To help ease the shift, Valley Stream South High offered a summer orientation for its incoming class of seventh-graders through its Summer Bridge Program which was wrapped up last Thursday.

Students were able to tour their new school grounds in small groups and get a sense of the building’s layout. They were also handed their student IDs and school computers. And for those students worried about navigating a sea of unfamiliar faces come September, the newcomers got a chance to mingle and make new friends from different elementary schools through various social activities. “The program is designed to ensure a seamless transition to middle school for the students, and they are already off to a great start and showing their excitement for new beginnings,” said district spokesman Peter Belfiore.